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The KCC Magic Sandwich

How to get the most out of your 1 minute presentation slot at networking.

There’s an art to networking. Do it right, and it’s a fantastic way to get to know other business owners. But do it wrong, and you’ve wasted an opportunity to build your business.

You’ve got just a few minutes to tell others what you do, so be clear and focused.

The people you’re chatting to don’t want to be sold to, so don’t launch into a long speech about why they should work with you. They’ll switch off. Educate them instead about what you do, who you help and what kind of connections you’re looking for.

Follow the KCC Magic Sandwich formula and you’ll nail your networking in no time.

Think BLT – build, like, trust

Successful business relationships don’t happen instantly. Like any relationship, the connections you make at networking events build slowly over time. 

People will only trust you if they like and know you, so don’t blow your moment by talking about yourself the whole time.

Take an interest in the other person and their business.

Ask questions.


Be genuine.

First impressions count, but so does a bit of preparation on your side.

-Bread: Who are you? What do you do?

Talk concisely about who you are and what you do. Try and boil it down into a few sentences to avoid waffling. The person you’re talking to should know EXACTLY what you do and shouldn’t be left scratching their heads.

-Butter: What problems does your product or service solve?

Tell people how you help others so they can spread the word. They may not need your services right now but could know someone who does. Their brother, neighbour, friend.

-Bacon: Why are you the best at what you do?

Clients love your work. Shout about it - but not a generic, ‘Everyone loves what I do for them.’ Say how you helped them, why they’re happy and what problem you solved. Don’t shy away from singing your own praises - but give evidence as back up.

-Lettuce: What referrals are you looking for?

People aren’t mind readers. They can’t help if you’re unclear about the kind of business you’re after. Say you’re a copywriter looking for monthly retainers: ‘’I’m looking for small businesses in Cheshire who want ongoing, monthly support with blogs, SEO and content writing.” Be specific.

-Tomato: How can I tell other business owners what you do?

Chat to 20 people at networking and you’re bound to find some cheerleaders if you work on building that relationship. But they can’t promote you if they don’t know how. Swap contacts and say how people can get in touch.


Practice the KCC magic sandwich formula at home until you feel comfortable. If it sounds rushed, garbled or robotic, try again – you'll get there!

Want to try KCC networking for yourself? Get in touch today!


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