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The Five Magic KCC Networking 121 Questions

Two business owners having  a121 at KCC Networking

The Five Magic KCC 121 Questions

Are you a small business owner or professional keen to grow your network? In this blog, we’ll explore what KCC calls “The Five Magic Questions.” There’s nothing mystical here – just crucial questions you should ask business owners in a 121. Their answers should tell you everything you need to know.

But these questions aren’t just for you to ask – consider your own business. You could even practice the answers before your 121 or networking event. Use this structure when discussing what you do and how you do it. And who knows – your perfect client could be right in front of you!

What types of products or services does your company provide?

*For this blog, I run a marketing agency, Star Marketing, but adapt to your own business, imagining what you would say.

“We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet clients’ needs in the UK and abroad, from smaller businesses to larger corporates who need project support. We do everything from comprehensive marketing strategies to running social media accounts.

“Our team of four are experts in their own fields of digital marketing, copywriting, SEO and web design. We aim to raise the profile of businesses and increase sales.”

What types of problems does your product or service solve?

“If people need a new marketing strategy, as their previous approach wasn’t working, we’ll create and deliver one that raises a business profile and ultimately increase sales. Our creative campaigns captivate the target audience, elevate brand awareness, and grow customers.

“Poorly designed and badly written websites don’t attract customers. We design easy-to-navigate, beautiful websites with clear calls to action and engaging content.”

What phrases might we hear in everyday conversations that would indicate a potential referral for you?

“If you hear someone mention things such as “I’m struggling to write decent content on my website” or “I need marketing help - I have no idea what I’m doing” or “My website isn’t great; I need a new one” these are ideal referrals.”

Tell me a past customer success story that helps me to understand the kind of referrals you are looking for.

“One of our clients, an accountancy firm, struggled with low website traffic and plummeting sales. They needed a marketing strategy to bring them more customers, primarily via SEO and Google search, on a limited budget.

“Our team crafted a tailored marketing campaign using social media, influencer partnerships and targeted SEO strategies. Within three months, their website traffic increased by 150%, and they experienced a 200% surge in new customer enquiries. They were thrilled.”

What type of business or person is likely to be a great source of multiple referrals for you?

“Service-based businesses such as consultants and coaches have extensive networks and meet a wide range of people. If you know anyone who fits the bill, it would be fantastic to mention me. Coaches and consultants understand the value of working together with other professionals and are well-positioned to refer clients to us.

“Here’s my business card and LinkedIn details in case you need them.”

Try the 5 Magic Questions at one of our KCC speed networking events

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