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How to WOW people with your 10 minute presentation

Sue Richards making a presentation

How to WOW people with your 10 minute presentation

Love or dislike them, if you’re a member of a networking group you’ll be expected to do a presentation at some point.

People often feel nervous about presenting as they don’t know what to say or how to engage their audience.

Don’t run for the hills and panic if it’s your turn to present.

Think of it as a fantastic way to showcase your business; a deep dive into what you offer.

Presentations, whether in person or virtual, give people more information on what you do, and increase referrals. Who doesn’t want more business?

Follow my structure to create the perfect presentation and banish nerves for good.

Who are you? What do you do?

*For the purpose of this blog, I’m a fictional travel agent specialising in walking holidays, but adapt to your own business!

Time: 1 minute

My previous blog (The KCC Magic Sandwich – how to get the most out of your 60 seconds) outlined the ideal ingredients for a 60 seconds pitch. Your presentation expands on this formula.

Hi, I’m John, owner of independent travel agent, Wild Walks. I organise guided walking holidays in the UK, Spain and France.”

What problems does your product or service solve?

Time: 2 minutes

List your core services and what problems they solve in a visually appealing way.

“I organise holidays for people who love walking but don’t have time to arrange trips themselves. I don’t just find holidays; I arrange walking routes covering beautiful terrain such as the Pyrenees. My holidays are tailored to all walking abilities.”

Why are you the best at what you do?

Who have you helped/who are you helping?

Time: 3 minutes

Talk about someone you helped.

The before and after.

Or simply use testimonials, screenshotting your Google or Linked In reviews.

“My client wanted a walking holiday in France but didn’t have time to organise because of her busy job. She was stressed. I planned a two-week walking holiday including accommodation at a mix of campsites and hotels. My client said it was the best walking holiday she’d ever had, and she loved the routes I planned. She returned home relaxed and healthy, and we’ve already started researching for next year.”

What referrals are you looking for?

Time: 2 minutes

This is a great opportunity to tell the audience the kind of clients you’re after. This could change, so vary if you want to focus on a particular service.

I’m looking for people who want short weekend walking holidays in Scotland, or those who are travelling solo and want to join other walkers.”

How can the audience tell their networks what you do?

Time: 2 minutes

People listening could have a potential referral already lined up – a friend or contact from another network, so tell them how to get in contact with you.

“If you know anyone who wants a walking holiday, please pass on my website where they can book a free, 30-minute chat. I regularly post epic walking holiday ideas on my Wild Walks Facebook group, so they can get a flavour of what I do.”

One final point: add photos, graphics and colour

Lines of text will bore your audience so make sure every slide is visually appealing.

Add colour and clear photos and graphics to illustrate your points, but only if they’re relevant.


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