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Sarah Povey

Nightingale House Hospice

Business sector
KCC Group
North Wales
Wants to meet

Businesses of all sizes who wish to make a difference to a local cause.

Supporting a local hospice can be mutually beneficial to corporate supporters such as promoting a positive image, Community engagement, Publicity, Brand Differentiation, Alignment with Company Values and recognition.


Nightingale House Hospice, Wrexham is an independent charity, and the only hospice providing FREE, AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY, adult palliative care. Our mission is to care for patients with life limiting and progressive conditions who live within the geographical area we serve. This area is designated as those parts of North Wales serviced by the Maelor Hospital and stretch from the borders with Shropshire and Cheshire to the coastal town of Barmouth in North West Wales.
We also support their families including children both at pre and post bereavement stages. An additional contract with BBC Children in Need allows us to employ further therapeutic social workers to support children and young people who have had no contact with the Hospice but who have also lost a significant loved one in their lives

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