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Catherine Spink

Neon Creations Ltd | Utility Warehouse

Business sector
KCC Group
Cheshire East
Wants to meet

Neon Creations:

I would like to meet business owners or decision makers that want to give their interior the wow factor with a unique, custom made neon artwork. More specifically (but not limited to), hospitality based businesses that want to stand out from their competition with a stunning focal point.

I would also like to meet individuals responsible for arranging corporate team building or experience days, who are looking for unique experiences for employees.

Utility Warehouse:

I would like to meet individuals that are looking to save money on their monthly household bills, or who are unhappy with one or more of their current utility suppliers (energy, broadband, mobile phone, boiler/home emergency cover).

I would also love to meet individuals that are looking to earn a second income around their current job role.


Neon Creations:

Neon Creations design and manufacture one-off custom made neon signs and neon artwork, made from glass tubes filled with gas. Our neon creations add impact to any interior space, whether for business or for the home.

Established in 2005, we have a reputation as one of the top neon sign makers in the UK. With meticulous attention to detail, we help guide our clients through the process of specifying a neon sign.

We also offer neon sign making workshops for people looking for a unique experience. We offer a full day one-to-one workshop, and group taster sessions.

Utility Warehouse:

Utility Warehouse are the UK's only multi-service utilities provider, helping households save time and money on their essential home services.

As the UK's fastest growing brand, and a FTSE 250 Company, they are trusted to provide award winnng utilities and customer service.

Utility Warehouse also offers a fantasic income earning opportunity for individuals that are looking for an additional income, to help with increases in mortgage payments, saving for a holiday or special event, or just to provide more income so that they can enjoy life more.

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