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Caroline Camber

Caroline Camber Makeup & Skincare

Business sector
Make-up and skincare
KCC Group
Mid Cheshire
Wants to meet

Anyone who feels they have got stuck in a makeup or skincare rut, doing the same thing over and over but not even sure if it suits them any more, or those who have given up altogether. I work closely with menopausal women to help them navigate the changes their skin and makeup need to go through as their hormones change.

People who are getting married in the next couple of years as I specialise in Bridal makeup. My particular target audience here is 'makeup for people who don't do makeup' so any brides who want a natural yet polished look would be ideal.

I also want to meet people who would like to set up and run their own beauty businesses. These people might be looking for a career change if they're feeling unfulfilled in their current job, or just want a side business. Either way, I'd love to meet them.


If you want to get your skincare routine up to scratch, I can help by creating a bespoke plan for you. If you want to 'shake up your makeup' I can help with my one-to-one or group lessons. If you want to gain some extra income and run a sustainable beauty business of your own I can help by coaching and mentoring you on the journey.

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